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BayanMall | OFW? Remember the 3 Essential Reminders

“Most Filipinos are ADVENTURIST!”

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Do you agree? Before you make conclusions, have you noticed why overseas Filipino workers’ (OFWs) population is increasing? Have you ever wondered why there is an overseas Filipino workers online grocery store? Perhaps, you haven’t noticed that.

First thing, OFWs increase because Filipinos see opportunities in other countries. Since they’re naturally adventurists, they want to try it even risks accompany such opportunities.

Second thing, due to the constant growth of OFW, online grocery stores were also created. It was intended to cater the desires of those OFWs who want to send gifts to their loved ones in the Philippines. Well, that’s SWEET!

So, Are You an OFW?

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If ever you’re one of those BRAVE and adventurist OFWs, I’m sure, it’s not that easy. I know that it’s a sacrifice and a crucial mission. So, before  we reach the point, let me first send my “immeasurable applause” to you! (Bow down)

Anyway, although I admire your guts, still, you’re not perfect. There’s still a possibility that you might suck!  Now, I want you to plant this 3 important things in your mind!


1. Don’t forget where you came from!
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You’re born in the Philippines! You’re from the Philippines! You’re nation is the Philippines! So, don’t ever forget the country. Don’t forget where you came from, even if you think you’re already successful in life.

If you’re working in a country which you think is far greater than the paradise nation (Philippines), don’t make it a reason for you to forget your motherland. Why don’t you open your eyes? Your country is one of the reasons why you’re still alive! That’s true! You should be proud of it!

2. Always create connections to your fellowmen.

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So, your earning more cash compared to the income you got from the Philippines, right? Now, you’re thinking that you’re RICH, invincible, famous, phenomenal, or great – makes you think that you have to isolate yourself from your fellowmen. Sorry, but you’re wrong.

Put in your mind that being Filipino isn’t about your economic status, the color of your skin, the language you spoke, or any factors resembling the stereotype of being a Filipino. The truth is, it’s in the BLOOD!

So, stay connected with your fellowmen! BROTHERS!

3. Never forget your family in the Philippines.

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“You’re a Filipino today and FOREVER!”

I don’t want to say this, but I’ve seen numerous dudes who suddenly forgot the special things they have, because they thought their success (money) will suffice everything. One of these special things is their FAMILY!

Don’t they realize that family is a TREASURE?

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Always remember this: Don’t ever forget your family wherever you are right now. Remember, you’re what you are today not because of yourself, but it’s also because of  them – your ever supportive family.

Stay humble.

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If you know some Filipinos who are also working outside the country, share this to them. This would let them realize the value of being a TRUE Filipino. Plus, this would also introduce them to an online shopping mall in the Philippines.



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