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Good Day and God bless!

A Famous Singer Song-writer in her Wedding


To be the most beautiful woman standing in that instant is the girl’s greatest wish in her wedding. Walking down the aisle, she wanted to give everyone the best impression in her long beautiful dress. She wanted to appear more beautiful than her usual looks.

But what does Kitchie Nadal, a famous Filipino singer song-writer, wore in her special day?

According to photographer Niña Sandejas, Nadal wore a gown worth Php 799 and that was her own choice. She bought it in a boutique in Makati.

“It was my first try and it fits me perfectly,” Sandejas quoted what Nadal have said to her.

Aside from that, Nadal even did her own make-up, with the help of her cousin who is also a make-up artist.kitchie2

Kitchie Nadal’s autumn-themed wedding happened at Hacienda Isabella in Tagaytay last February 26. She got married to a Spanish guy named Carlos Lopez, an NGO worker and a journalist.

The couple really did have the simplest wedding that they carried its simplicity all the way to their reception in Cebu.

According to their friends, Nadal and her husband’s decision to have a simple wedding maybe originated from the couples simplicity in real life. The couple, when they were still single, are used to volunteering in many charitable organizations in silence. It was already in their routine to help every soul who’s in need and that made them feel richer inside and outside.

Indeed, no matter how simple or extravagant the dress is, the cost of it really doesn’t matter. It is the woman wearing the dress, with her beautiful nature and spirit.


Madison Tevlin with Down Syndrome Inspires Everyone

A teen named Madison Tevlin, who was born with a down syndrome, has uploaded a cover of the greatest hit 2013 song entitled ‘All of me’.

The teen got really overwhelmed when the artist (John Legend) of the song found her cover in twitter and even retweeted it.

According to her, she chooses to sing it to express her feelings towards unconditional love. In her case, voice are expected to be in low pitch, husky and monotonous and so, Tevlin gave her self some time to practice the vocal techniques. She really desired to be heard by everyone with the sweetest melody she could ever bring into being.

This only reminds us that whatever and whoever we are, it will never measure the things we can give and get. It will never define you and will never tell what you can do.

Tevlin, despite her condition, even crippled a thousand hearts and touches everybody’s soul! She showed everyone the best in her and made every single part of her be heard. Indeed, nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

Worry No More

 I often ask myself why others’ lives seemed perfectly built compared to mine which obviously states that it wasn’t.

That actually busted my heart. I repeatedly concluded that life is unfair after all.

To leave my family behind is somehow traumatic for me. I don’t know what their hearts really tell. I am just certain with what I truly felt when I turned my back away from them.

At that very moment, I was the saddest and the loneliest.

Every now and then, a lot of thoughts just came speeding up in my mind.

Why can’t we simply own happiness without doing something to gain it? Why can’t we just smile and giggle altogether for all the days of our lives? Why does someone have to leave? Why do we have to weep and sweat over things just to satisfy someone else’s life?

StressSometimes, I supposed that maybe life isn’t for me.

I am meant to sacrifice. I am meant to do this.

I repeatedly argue with my thoughts with “What if I was born wealthier?” Maybe I don’t have to work here and leave them.

The worst of all, I often times assume those pessimistic thoughts like “What If my family forgets me? What if they didn’t recognize my love for them? What if they just waited for my packages and not for me? What if they didn’t notice my efforts?”

As to prepare myself, I have taken into account all those “What If’s”.

Thus I have consoled myself by imagining things and moments I have always long for. I thought that it will ease the pain, that it will make me stay positive.

But it didn’t.

I kept searching for some medications to cover up my worries. I never stopped.  Until such time came when I scanned His word and there I read something that brought me back to my senses.

 “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

Isaiah 41:10

It was concise and very clear to me. I am not alone. I am fighting with someone beside me. He’s always there, always been there. I just have to believe. To trust Him. To value Him. To feel him.lolsad

My days got brighter and lighter day by day. Everything goes smoothly.

By then, I worry no more .