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Juicing for Health

Juicing for Health | BayanMall

It’s true when they say that “You are what you eat.” And you’ve probably heard your family a million times after telling you to eat fruits and vegetables so you can grow strong and healthy. This is why most food authorities recommend a daily intake of at least 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables every day because they are packed with so many nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins. But when you eat them, you can only take in so much in their original form. This is where juicing comes into place.

Juicing is a form of extraction of natural liquids, vitamins and minerals from raw fruits and vegetables, stripping away solid matter. When you juice fruits and vegetables, you can pack as much fruit and vegetables into your drink, which means, more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and phytonutrients all in one easy to sip drinks.

Important things to remember when juicing:



Read about juicing and look for simple recipes you can try out, especially if you are a first time juicer. Some may like the taste, some may not. So we suggest to find what is suitable to your taste buds first and carefully transition your way into other juiced vegetables and fruits. Research about what you want to juice and what kind of juicer you need for these.

Juicing is a supplement

juicing supplement

When juicing, it is important to remember that your juice is not a full meal. It is a supplement to what you are already eating. So unless you are undergoing some special fasting or detoxification program, it is not wise to use juicing as a meal replacement and should be consumed with your meal or as a between meal snack.

Drink your juice immediately

Drink Juicing

Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables are meant to be consumed immediately after juicing because they are highly perishable. If you wish to store your juice, you should invest in a slow juicer and store the juice properly in air tight containers. But take note that you can only store juice up to 24 hours.

Start with fruits and light colored vegetables

juicing fuits & vegetables

Start by juicing fruits with light colored vegetables. Once your taste buds are used to the taste of the juice, you may then incorporate dark colored green leafy vegetables to your juices. Dark colored vegetables have a more bitter taste, but with the help of lemons or fruits, these flavors can be improved.

When you finally start juicing, you may see better changes in your body – you become more energized, you will have better eating habits, better digestion and a lot more.

Jumpstart your juicing journey today! Juice your way to health with our juicers – check out juicers at BayanMall. Happy juicing!

Juicing for Health | BayanMall

6 Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Cake

6 Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Cake | BayanMall

I know you can relate when I say that there’s just too many things to think about when getting married. You have to plan everything from the locations, to the outfits including the wedding dress, guests, invitations, giveaways, food, etc. Whew! Pretty tiring just thinking about it. But we’re here to help you cross one important thing out of your to do list – picking your wedding cake.


Here are 6 tips to help you choose the best wedding cake:

Style and Motif

The first thing you need to do is identify the cake style you want. Some couples want their cake to be in the color motif of the wedding, others want it to show their personality by putting designs that have meaning to them like travel themed designs or adding couple cake toppers, others want cakes that are both elegant and classy.  Search the internet or wedding magazines for cake pegs.

Bake for us, Baker!

wedding-cake baker

Bakers have different expertise when it comes to cakes and you must find the right baker that can make you the cake you want. Check the internet for trusted cake shops & bakers, look for reviews and recommendations, check photos of their work, visit their shop if they have one, inquire and don’t be afraid to ask.

Pocket Friendly Price

Always check your budget. Cakes today have different styles and prices. Additional toppings, designs, flavors, and layers mean more money. Find a bakeshop that can work with your set budget and still give you a fabulous looking and good tasting cake.

Ultimate Taste Test


Once you’ve chosen your baker, schedule for a taste test of their cakes because not only should your cake look pretty, it should taste delicious too!

The Weather and The Cake

Since we live in a tropical country, it can get really hot outside. So if you’re having an outdoor reception, you should probably consider getting a cake that doesn’t melt easily. Discuss your reception venue to your baker so he/she can suggest the best ingredients to use for your cake.

Wedding Cake Packages / Souvenir Cakes

Some cakes now offer you additional mini cakes that you can give to sponsors or guests. A mini cake for sponsors can also be a souvenir gift to them.

Product Delivery

Make sure that your cake will be delivered to you at the venue of your wedding reception.


Here are 3 Wedding Cake Packages you can check out: Promise Wedding Package, Romance Wedding Package and Vow Wedding Package. 3 cakes that fit your style, budget and taste – baked only by the best. From as low as Php 5,964 you can have a beautiful & delectable wedding cake that can be shared to guests and mini cakes that can be given to your ninongs and ninangs. We deliver these straight to your reception venue anywhere in the Philippines.

We wish you a happy and blissful wedding planning! Hoping to be part of your beautiful celebration soon!

6 Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Cake | BayanMall

How To Ease Homesickness This Christmas

How To Ease Homesickness This Christmas | BayanMall

We Filipinos are very connected to our families. In fact, the family is the reason why most Filipinos work abroad and become OFWs. We always want the best for our families and so we sacrifice ourselves and our happiness to provide for their needs.

filipino christmas

Christmas in the Philippines is one of the biggest celebrations, if not the biggest celebration, that we prepare for. Families gather together and prepare Noche Buena, exchange gifts, and spend time with each other. And this is probably the worst time for an OFW who cannot come home to celebrate with the family. These are the times when they get homesick because they miss the people, food, parties, reunions, and a whole lot more.

So how can we lessen our homesickness during this time? Here are 3 suggestions:

Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy so that you have less time to be depressed and homesick. Exercise regularly so your body can release endorphins to make you happy. Learn the language of the country you are in. Make new friends and go out with them. Do your hobbies. Attend classes you’re interested in. Enjoy, you deserve it.

Celebrate with friends

celebrate with friends

Since you are far away from family, you have to make friends where you are. Don’t celebrate Christmas alone. Spend it with close friends who live near your area. It also helps if you spend it with fellow Filipinos who celebrate the way we do in the Philippines. In a different country, these friends become your family.

Celebrate with the family

celebrate with family

Yes, you heard that right. Now how do you do this when you are miles away? Well, that’s why smartphones and laptops were created right? While they are celebrating Christmas in the Philippines, schedule a video call with them via Skype so you don’t miss the fun happenings during the celebration. You’ll feel like you are with them as well.

If the family doesn’t have a smartphone or laptop, you can always send them one as a surprise. The gadgets will be delivered door-to-door anywhere in the Philippines within 3-5 days. Check out Bayanmall’s awesome deals for the latest smartphones and laptops.


We salute you for the love and support you are giving your family, our dear OFWs. We know that you’ve sacrificed a lot just to provide for your family. So wherever you are Kabayan, we hope that you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

How To Ease Homesickness This Christmas | BayanMall