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Hi-5 Philippines In TV5

Hi-5 Philippines In TV5 | BayanMall

HI-5 (1)

In the month of June, a new Hi-5 local version has been given. We are proud to have an all Filipino cast of Hi-5 show. Hi-5 is an original Australian children’s educational television program. Every kid loves this show. I think it’s because of their music that is for children to sing and dance. As the hosts start to sing and dance, the children of the world started to follow them. Furthermore, this show teaches children about colors, animals, numbers or shapes.


The program can be seen in TV5 network. It’s schedule is every Monday to Saturday at 8:30 am and Sunday at 9:00 am. To find these local hosts, the network organizes a one-day-only audition. Finally, Hi-5 Philippines is composed of Rissey Reyes, Gerard Pagunsan, Alex Reyes, Fred Lo, and Aira Binas. They are the first time Hi-5 franchise new team in Asia.


This new host of Hi-5 is both good in singing and dancing. Plus, they really have the passion for kids. Most of them have experience in theater and love the original show of course. The show maintains its original segment like making music, wordplay, body move, shapes in space, and puzzles & patterns. These segments are done individually by Gerard, Aira, Rissey, Fred and Alex respectively.


Hope our own Hi-5 Philippines will win an award in the near future. The original Hi-5 show won five ARIA awards for “Best Children’s Album” and three consecutive Australian Logie Awards for “Most Outstanding Children’s Preschool Program”. Also, they got  five Australian DVD and Video Industry Awards.


What matters most is that the program had a little twist to make it more Filipino. The Filipino cast interact using English and Tagalog language. Don’t worry, they still used the original songs of the show. But eventually, time will come it will be translated into Tagalog. What amaze me is their barrio fiesta theme. What are you waiting for? Watch and learn with them in a  fun way.

Hi-5 Philippines In TV5 | BayanMall

Staying Fit and Healthy

Staying Fit and Healthy | BayanMall

staying fit

Staying fit and healthy is a big deal nowadays. People are putting the words of Jim Rohn into action. He said, “take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” You can’t argue with that because he is precisely correct. Realistically, how could you that when people are so busy in doing their work . They have this hard time to balance their schedule because they have many roles to fulfill. Here are the two ways you could do in staying fit and healthy without going into a gym.

Staying Fit walk

Take a walk. Instead of commuting to your workplace or school, it is better to walk. You can do this by waking up early so that you can’t be late in your destination. If you don’t like, you can ride half of the way, then the rest of the half is to walk. If you are staying at home, have a bonding time with your kids by walking with them in your area. Having a pet, especially a dog, is a good alternative as your buddy companion in walking. If possible don’t take the elevator and escalator, just walk through the stairs. In short, walk wherever and whenever possible.

Staying Fit Chores

Do your daily chores. In a family, there is a certain task or responsibility to do. It could be sweeping and scrubbing the floor, washing the clothes or plates, and fixing your bed. Whatever it be, do it. Don’t you know that doing your daily chores is also a form of exercise and exercise is a way for us to stay fit and healthy. It’s like you are hitting two birds in one stone. Isn’t awesome? Plus, you can enjoy doing it by playing your favorite music. In that way, doing your chores is not a burden to you and at the same time you are enjoying.

staying fit & healthy

As you do these two methods regularly, it is rest assured that you are staying fit and good health. You may not have time to go to the gym, but it’s not a reason for you not to take care of your body. Remember, abusing our body can cause us not to live longer. Now is the time to do this and insert it to your schedule. How about you? What are your ways in staying fit and healthy without going into a gym?

Staying Fit and Healthy | BayanMall

Liver, How To Safeguard It?

Liver, How To Safeguard It? | BayanMall

There are almost 78 organs in our human body which vary according to their sizes, functions or actions. The organ is typically self-contained and has a specific vital function in a our body. Somehow, there is one organ of our body that we probably don’t think much. I’m referring to our liver.


The liver is the largest glandular organ in the body. It performs multiple functions. It helps clean your blood. This is done by getting rid of harmful chemicals that our body makes. It makes a liquid called bile. The bile helps us break down fat from food. It stores sugar called glucose and this glucose gives us a quick energy boost when we need it. It fights off viruses and infections. It regulates sex hormones, cholesterol levels, and vitamin and mineral supplies in our body. These are just only some of the many functions of the liver.

do not drink alcohol

Obviously, like the other organs of the body, we need to safeguard it. But How? The most common way is not to drink a lot of alcohol. You know it well that it can damage your liver cells. It will cause the swelling or scarring that becomes cirrhosis.

eat healthy food & regular exercise

Eat a healthy diet and get a regular exercise. This will prevent you to have a fatty liver. A fatty liver is enlarged and streaked with yellow fat. If the condition persists, it will lead to fibrosis or even cirrhosis also. It’s the beginning to have a liver failure that requires a liver transplantation.


Be careful to certain medicines. Cholesterol drugs and the painkiller acetaminophen can hurt your liver if you take too much. To be sure, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your medicine intake if those are good for your liver.

Kicking the Habit!

Don’t touch or breathe in toxins. Cleaning products, aerosol products, insecticides, chemicals, and additives in cigarettes have chemicals that can damage your liver. Avoid direct contact with them and most importantly, don’t smoke.

In short, to keep our liver healthy, we must  follow a healthy lifestyle and keep a close eye on medicines. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Liver, How To Safeguard It? | BayanMall

Dragon Fruit And Its Contents

Dragon Fruit And Its Contents  | BayanMall

Do you believe that dragons existed long time ago? For me, I don’t. But, one thing for sure there is a fruit under its name. It is called dragon fruit or by its other name which is a pitaya. Dragon fruit is a fruit of the cactus plant. It looks like a flower of explosion of flame. Its color is dark red and sometimes pink or yellow. The skin of the dragon fruit is a thin rind and covered in scales. The overall shape of the fruit resembles a dragon. That’s where it gets its name.

The dragon fruit is not only attractive, but it is also a flavorful, which is slightly similar to kiwi and melon. The taste of it can be either sweet or sour depending on its type. The center of the fruit is made up of creamy white flesh spotted with black seeds. It is full of rich nutrients. That makes it more beneficial than other fruits.

dragon fruit

It has antioxidants. We know that antioxidants keep our skin tight and firm. They clear the free radicals and cancer properties that circle around our body. In short, it is like an anti aging pill or cream. Plus, It has a high amount of Vitamin C. Having that property, it makes our body more healthy.

dragon fruit red inside

It contains phytoalbumins and flavonoids that helps in stopping diabetes. In other words, it lowers blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. This is good news for it help control people who have diabetes.


It has a rich source of fiber. The fibers in this fruit help us to have a better bowel movement. It is also good for solving those who have constipation problem. That is to say that it cleans our digestive system and removes harmful chemicals in our colon. It is also good for maintaining our figure and weight loss. We always feel full when eats the dragon fruit.

dragon fruit spoon

What are you waiting for? Pick or buy a dragon fruit. It is just easier to eat. All you have to do is bite or spoon it after you peel it.

Dragon Fruit And Its Contents  | BayanMall

Value Life For A Better You

Value Life For A Better You | BayanMall

value life

The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them… Whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years, but on your will. This quote given by Michel de Montaigne imprints my mind. It made me think, how’s my life. Do I really value it? Wholeheartedly, I really don’t know. That’s why I tried to find ways to make my life valuable and hoping you do it as well. So,here are my methods to value life.

read books

I decided to read books. It may be a textbook in school or a novel, I should find ways to read it. Reading help me gain more knowledge and stress free. I learned a lot and appreciate more the beauty of life and others lives as well. It made me realized that my life is not miserable and complicated like the stories that I had read. Also, it gives me joy and satisfaction in life.


Usually, after I read, I go outside my house. I just want to feel the gentleness of the wind and embrace the heat of the sun. This helps me to feel relaxed. It made me admire the beauty of our nature. Walking outside made me think that nature is there to beautify my life so therefore I should value my own life. That’s why I plan to visit any wonderful site near my place once in a while.

Happy family at home spending time together and smiling

After walking alone, I’ll spend a quality time with others. This could be my family, friends, or relatives. Merely, talking to them gives me comfort that they love me. I’ll always prepare food for us to eat together. If not prepare, I’ll just buy directly and bring it to them. I believe a good conversation starts with a good meal. Then, we could watch a movie. If special occasions came, we hang out by going to a mall, swimming in a beach, or visit another area. Having them in my life, makes me happy and value more my existence.

value life

I know my ways are just simple, but I believe it can help you. In order for you to become a better person just value your life. What are your ways to value your life?

Value Life For A Better You | BayanMall

Gilas Pinas, We Are Proud Of You!

Gilas Pinas, We Are Proud Of You! | BayanMall


Everyone is a fan of a basketball, especially the Filipinos. They cheered the team of Gilas Pinas in the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship. This tournament is organized by FIBA Asia. It’s now their 28th year. The host country is China. The venue of the game is held in Changsha, Hunan. The winner of this tournament will qualify for the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

gilas pinas team

In the preliminary round, the sixteen country is divided into four groups of four. Gilas Pinas are in the Group B along with Palestine, Hong Kong, and Kuwait. On September 23, the Philippines was lost to the Palestine with the score 73 against 75 but on the next day, September 24, the Gilas won against Hong Kong. The Philippines earn the score of 101 while Hong Kong got only 50. Luckily, on September 25, Gilas emerges victorious in opposing Kuwait with scores of 110-64. This lead them to qualified in the second round.


In the second round, there are now two groups. Philippines is in Group E together with Iran, Japan, India, Palestine, and Hong Kong. Gilas faces the Japan on September 27. Gladly, they won with the score of 73-66. On the next day, September 28, the Philippines encounter Iran. Fortunately, they are again victors with 87-73 score. When September 29 came, the Gilas opposing team India was defeated by 99-65 score. Their winnings lead them in the quarterfinals of the game.

gilas pinas defeat

In the quarterfinals, the Philippines faced the Lebanon on October 1. Gilas won with the score of 82 against Lebanon with 70 scores. After that, The Gilas encounter the Japan for the semifinals on October 2. Again, they emerge successful with 81 against 70 scores of Japan. This lead them to fight China in the final round on October 3. But sadly, the Gilas was defeated by China with the score of 67-78, respectively.


Personally, I really thought Gilas would make it as winners in 2015 FIBA Asia. They fought a good fight, but in spite of the result, we are still proud of them. Long live Philippines!

Gilas Pinas, We Are Proud Of You! | BayanMall

Journal, A Way To Remember

Journal, A Way To Remember | BayanMall

Remember, a simple word that denotes recalling our past experiences. But why should we remember? Because remembering has a purpose. You may reason out that you have a low memory. Let me tell you “knowledge carefully recorded is knowledge available in time of need”. This is from Richard G. Scott. In short, we have to write it. I mean all our learnings, experiences, and feelings as well should be written in a journal. What is a journal?

Journal writing (1)

A Journal is a record of your daily events in life. This could also be considered as your diary. Have you heard about “The Diary of Anne Frank”? How about the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”? I’m sure you did. They are cool, right? Yet, what benefits you will get in writing a journal?

One, your posterity will know about you. Isn’t great? Even though you’re already dead, your great grandchildren will still know you. You are like teaching them some principles in life as if you are physically present to them. It’s like you’re making an autobiography.

Journal writing improvment

Two, you will learn more to appreciate life. You will feel grateful always as you consider a divine intervention from God. Remember, always count the blessings, not your worries. As you do it, you’ll be surprised that life is good.

Three, you will feel relief. As you express your feelings and emotions in writing, you will be comforted. It’s just like you have a best friend that listens to all your woes and give you some advices. It is also like your giving yourself a therapy. You’ll gain much realization that leads you to solve your problem.

Journal writing

At last, your writing will improve. Well, if you dream to become a writer like Stephen King and J. K. Rowling, this is a good start to enhance your ability to write. I believe that the best way to get better at writing is to just keep doing it. So keep updating your journal.

Journal, A Way To Remember | BayanMall

Goosebumps Is Now A Movie

Goosebumps Is Now A Movie | BayanMall


Have you heard someone say that he/she has goose bumps? What does it really mean? It is a few bumps on your skin. It happens when a person is cold or experiences strong emotions such as fear, awe, admiration, pleasure, and sexual arousal. This is noticeable as your hair on your arms or legs stands straight. So, have you experienced this before? Now, you know what to call it.


Because of this, an author named R. L. Stine made it a book series. The title of it is Goosebumps. Goosebumps series  are a children’s literature with a genre of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and thriller. It was published under Scholastic Publishing company. The stories in each book follow a different child character and settings. They are always caught in a scary situation.


Now, it is made into a movie. The Goosebumps film stars Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Amy Ryan, Ryan Lee, and Jillian Bell. The movie is directed by Rob Letterman. The main characters are Zach, Hannah, and R. L. Stine, who is played by Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, and Jack Black respectively. When Zach moved into a small town, he met Hannah. They are just a neighbor. Hannah’s father, R. L. Stine, is the one who writes the Goosebumps stories. Stine keeps all the ghosts, locked up in his manuscripts, but Zach and his friends release all the ghosts and monsters. This leads them to get all the monsters and ghost, and put it back into the book.


Are you ready to see Slappy and the Living Dummy? How about the Abominable Snowman, the Werewolf of Fever Swamp, the Giant Mantises, and don’t forget the living lawn gnomes? Isn’t exciting to watch them all on the big screen? Yes, it is. I can’t wait also. So, better prepare yourself in this action, adventure, comedy film.

Goosebumps Is Now A Movie | BayanMall

Fourth Power, Who Are They?

Fourth Power, Who Are They? | BayanMall

Fourth Power

Would you agree when I say Filipinos are talented? Well, I’ll say yes. They are musically inclined, especially in singing. For those who will say they are not, let me prove it to you. Have you heard the group called “Fourth Power”? I think you knew them. They are now one of the contestant in “X Factor UK”. This show is now on their 12 season.


The Fourth Power group is composed of siblings namely: Almira, Celena, Mylene and Irene. They are known as “Cercado Sisters”. They lived in Santiago City, Philippines. They flew to London to audition for that prestigious singing talent. The judges were impressed as they gave their own rendition of “Bang Bang” by Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj. This qualified them to enter their “boot camp”. After that, the judges again are impressed as they performed in “six-chair challenge”. They did the song “Show Me How You Burlesque” by Christina Aguilera. This permit them to enter the “judges’ houses”. I can’t wait for them to do the live show. Hope they could outlast the other groups which handle by Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.


What amaze me with this group is their experience in joining another contest. They won “Pinoy Idol” and “It’s Showtime” on the year 2012 in the Philippines. While in 2014, they reached the semifinal round of “Superstar K6” in South Korea. By that time, they are known as “MICA” which came from the initials of their first name. They participated also in the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) twice. First in 2006 under the category of junior vocal group and in 2013, in senior vocal group. Eventually, they won and they were called as “Gollayan Sisters” that time. Beside of their success in singing, they experienced defeat as well. But this didn’t stop them to continue in singing. They even had two million views in YouTube and album entitled “Unstoppable”. Because of their exposure, they are invited to play at many private parties and functions.


My prayers goes to Fourth Power. I wish they could make it to the final round of “X Factor”. But for the mean time, let us support them and continue to watch the show.

Fourth Power, Who Are They? | BayanMall

Love Team AlDub, Why Adore?

Love Team AlDub, Why Adore? | BayanMall

Love Aldub

Everybody nowadays adores the Aldub love team. They have been the most talked about couple since the month of July. They are even trending worldwide, especially in the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. But have you ever find out what makes them so phenomenal and big. Let me help you find some answer why people adore them so much.

First, it is because we get “kilig as we watch them make some dubsmash and the “pabebe” wave. But I think it is on the cute smile of Alden and the reaction of Yaya Dub to him. Indeed, they had the chemistry of being lovers.

ALDUB love team

Second, it is because of the forbidden love concept of their story. I know everybody could relate when it comes to forbidden love. I bet you have one. The thing is that love grows when you fight for it and it is worth every effort for doing such. Just like what Mark Twain said, “The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become.”

Third, it is because of the uniqueness of the show. Who would have thought a noon time variety show would have a KalyeSerye portion in their segment? I guess, no one. Take note as well, the setting is done mostly in the barangays and it is a live show. Furthermore, the couple communication is through dubsmash and fansigns. That makes them distinct.

aldub love pair

Lastly, it is because of their great actors. For me, Wally Bayola deserves the credit much. Without his role as Lola Nidora, there will be no conflict. I believe you can’t deny the fact that every time Wally switch to different roles, you can’t help yourself but laugh. There is something in him, especially when he begins to act. Don’t forget as well Lola Nidora’s two sisters. Having them both makes more of the show fun. Of course our dear Yaya Dub is such wonderful, particularly when her lips move. The way she does it makes her more beautiful and attractive.

I know there is more reasons to it but I hope you are satisfied with my response. One thing for sure is that we love them and will still continue to support their love story. I believe there is still more to look forward to that show. We love and adore AlDub!

Love Team AlDub, Why Adore? | BayanMall