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How BayanMall Connects OFW To Their Family

How BayanMall Connects OFW To Their Family  | BayanMall


Being separated from your family is kind of a hard thing to do. You’re going to miss their face, smile, laughter, kiss, and hugs. But sadly this stuff is inevitable, especially if you like or need to work abroad. Most Filipinos work abroad to give their children education and the luxury they want. They sweat much and double their work to sustain the need of their family and hopefully to get them out of poverty. That’s why they send gifts as much as possible to fill the gap and the distance with their families. Somehow, the money that they send could not be tracked where it goes. That is why BayanMall is here.

BayanMall is an online shopping mall which primarily aims at helping the Filipinos who live and work abroad in their needs to give their families in the Philippines, the same comfort and security they have. This is the first and only company that provides a mall like shopping venue where you can buy groceries or other necessities for your families as if you were here in the Philippines themselves. BayanMall have almost complete variety of products from food, non-food, wear, non-wear, DIY, pharmacy, real estate, cars, specialty items, bakery, pastries, and almost everything inside a mall. So, how do this corporation connects OFW to their family? I’ll give you the ways how it becomes possible.


One, we have the so called “Family Cart”. This is where families can shop together virtually. This means it allows families to log on together regardless of where they are in the world and start purchasing the things they need. Plus, it allows them to chat with each other because they see the same screens as they go through each item. In short, you are communicating at the same shopping. This makes you feel like as if you were at the mall together.


Two, products bought can be picked-up by your family members or delivered through the doors of your loved ones in good and perfect condition. This experience allows you to feel as if you are handing yourselves the product that has been purchased. In addition, be rest assured you will get the items with the duration of three to five days.

Lastly, BayanMall believes in promoting the concept “from our family to your family”. They eliminate the stress and worries you feel when sent home boxes being on-hold and not able to reach its destination. It helps you to save your money and control the waste because you can choose individual items in various sizes and/or flavor, not those sell packages of food in pre-selected brands and quantities in other companies.

As a member of a family, we know your problems and BayanMall wants to help you ease and lessen the burden you feel as you work abroad and send gifts to your beloved families. Remember, you will not worry anymore if your money is spent correctly and know where it is spent.

How BayanMall Connects OFW To Their Family  | BayanMall

The Advantages of Online Shopping

The Advantages of Online Shopping | BayanMall

Nowadays, people like to do things quickly and easier. It is no doubt why they choose to shop online.

Here are some reason why people do online shopping or in other words the advantage of online shopping:online shopping

One, it is convenient. It can be easily obtain because you don’t need to prepare much to get dressed and drive to your favorite mall. Plus, you don’t need to wait for their opening hours and your schedule will not be hurt if ever you are busy. Also, you will not line and stand for how many hours in paying on what you bought.

online shopping


Two, there are a lot  of  different kinds of goods. Variety products are available in online than physical stores which have only limited products to offer. In online shop, you can see directly the different kinds of products so no need to visit the other stores.

Three, it has good prices. Most online stores cater lower and affordable price than a physical store we know. It is mainly because customers what cheaper products to buy and they can access easily by browsing different sites than walking in malls for many hours. On top of this, there is no tax and lots of discounts are offered. If you are lucky, some online gives free shipment.

less ads

Fourth, it shows less advertisement. There are only few notices in online than in physical store to lure the customers to buy their products. In short, you will not be pressured to buy their other stuff or products.

hard to shop

Lastly, you will not feel embarrass. You will never feel discreet as you shop  online. Most of the time, as you buy in physical store certain people will stare on what you buy and sales lady will eventually will follow you. Having this kind of situation will feel you awkward, annoyed. and irritated. In short, there is privacy in online shopping.

So what are you waiting for, try and do online shopping.

The Advantages of Online Shopping | BayanMall