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Best Places to Visit in the Philippines

Image Source: philtouristattractions
Image Source: philtouristattractions

“Panatang Makabayan, Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas. Aking Lupang Sinilangan”

Aren’t these lines familiar to you? Of course they are! Every Filipino who grew up in the Philippines would know that these lines are taken from our ‘Panatang Makabayan’ or our vow to nationalism. We always say and express our gratitude and salute to our nation. However, how can we truly know the soul and heart of our country if we haven’t visited its most treasured places? In which in every place to visit in the Philippines foretells the depth of its history, culture and incomparable beauty.

Ask yourself, “How many places in the Philippines have I visited?” if your answer can still be counted using human fingers, well you gotta be missing a whole lot of fun out there! Remember, Philippines is composed of 7,107 island scattered in the SouthEast area of Asia. If you have only visited ten or less places, you are on the right track of reading. Now, as BayanMall introduces the different places to visit in the Philippines, take a deep breath for we are going to take your imaginations to places you’ve never been before!

Image Source: Oliver Mercader
Image Source: Oliver Mercader (Tinuy-an Falls, Surigao)

Are you looking forward to be enchanted and astounded by beauty and grace? Come and visit Surigao del Sur. It inherits natural beauty which can be clearly seen by its spots and views. One of it is the famous Tinuy-an falls. Many call it the next “Little Niagara Falls” because it replicates a miniature of the ever wonderful Niagara Falls in Canada. In addition to this, the said waterfall in the town of Bislig has the widest area all over the Philippines.

Another place you can visit in Surigao del Sur is the Enchanted River.  This river located in the town of Hinatuan has become the apple of the eye for the tourists who visit the place. It has crystal clear water captivating and indulging every eyes passing by it. The best time to visit the river is during daylight wherein the beauty of the view will be highlighted by the sunlight that struck on the surface.  It’s been said that the river is about 25 meters deep, many still says that until now the depth of its water has not yet been accurately found out.

Image Source: 2il org
Image Source: 2il org (Enchanted River, Surigao Del Sur)

Many compare it to another lake but Enchanted River stands out because of these two factors: the astonishing beauty of colorful and strange fish under water which never seems to be caught; and the magical myths and creatures which are said to be lying beneath its magnificence and splendid view.

Not yet convinced? Let’s try this one. Unlike all other rivers in this world which generally contains fresh water, Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur is composed of salt water flowing through. Which source did it come from? The answer up until now is not yet given.

 So go and take a visit to Surigao del Sur, you might be heading there for an answer!

Image Source: Roberto Verzo
Image Source: Roberto Verzo (Manila, Philippines)

Let’s jump to the Philippine’s capital city, none other than Manila-where the heart of the country lies. It is where the Oriental and Occidental nature of culture and traditions combine with the touch of modernization. It is often called as philippines’ little ‘New York’ because of its tall buildings standing firm on the cemented ground which bring forth elegance during night time giving out colorful street lights. This city is also the center for performing arts all over Asia. It is the center of everything, whether on the world of business and industries or even in manufacturing and agriculture field. Also, many historical events in the country happened in this great city not to mention Intramuros and many more.

Do you want to go on a perfect Holiday vacation trip? Come and visit Marinduque! This province  is most commonly visited during Moriones festival. But what people miss about Marinduque is the tons of beautiful places surrounding it not yet discovered by the tourist. One of it is the other three caves in Sta. Cruz which has still not yet further explored.  These caves belong to the complex network of Bathala Caves which is generally composed of 7 caves in total.

Image Source: michealyn amberti Poctoy Beach, Marinduque
Image Source: michealyn amberti
Poctoy Beach, Marinduque

If you feel like freshening yourself up, its best to visit the Poctoy beach. It is a known beach in Marinduque which is 1-km long perfectly presented by its white and very fine sand. This gives a nice view to our next spot in Marinduque, the Mt. Matindig.

Well, if you are also into mountain climbing or hiking, you’re interest will surely be compensated by the Mt. Malindig located in Buenavistas, Marinduque.

Our next destination on our travel trip is the province of Capiz or the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”, wherein the town has been known for abundantly producing fresh seafood in a low amount of price.  The center of the marketing trades happen in the Capiz’ capital city or otherwise called Roxas City.

Thus, aside from being abundant in seafood, this little province is also known from the horrifying mythical stories about the so-called ‘aswangs’ that stay there. However, this had just been an unending folklore stories about the place without any evident proofs supporting the occurrence of these ‘aswangs’.

Image Source: Rachelle Casipit Magellan's Cross, Cebu City
Image Source: Rachelle Casipit
Magellan’s Cross, Cebu City

That’s why it is better to focus your eyes to the beauty that lies on this small province in Visayas. Take a look on its historical and aged churches, amazing views of the different bodies of water surrounding it and experience the relaxing atmosphere of the whole place nurturing each heart with remarkable memories.

Are you already enjoying the trip? Well, we’re not through yet. Let’s take a visit at our third spot.

Antique, “where the mountains meet the sea”. This is usually described to the ever fascinating beauty of Antique’s mountain which lies closely to the coastal lines giving a great view for the eyes of whoever passes by it. This province lies between the famous islands of Visayas. However, only a few have taken a deep look on the places of Antique province.

The Department of Tourism is no doubt promoting Antique’s water rafting site in Tibiao. Unlike the water rafting in Cagayan de Oro, experience river kayaking alone with 3 levels of wave intensities. Test your limits and break through! Come and visit Antique here in the Philippines.

Image Source: Constantine Agustin Davao City
Image Source: Constantine Agustin
Davao City

Last but most probably not the least, is the provinces of Davao. Aside from its famous celebrated ‘Kadayawan’ Festival, Davao is also known for being a great and perfect place to visit in the Philippines when you’re with friends and families. The region showcases a rich and bountiful source of natural resources one of it is the ever famous durian which ‘tastes like heaven but smells like hell’ as most would describe it. Davao is also a major exporter of citrus, bananas, mangosteen and other tropical fruits no wonder why the market price for their products are low compared to other places.

Davao region highlights their multi-ethnic culture from diversity of indigenous people staying there. Through their tribal songs, dances, games and crafts the region’s culture was made firm and pure.

Lastly, Davao is the world’s largest city in terms of land area covering 244,000 hectares. Visit Davao and explore the beauty behind this huge territory!

These are just some of the best places to visit in the Philippines. For more inquiries, you can contact and transact to BayanMall webpage (www.bayanmall.com). BayanMall Online Shop will not just let those sceneries stay only unto your wild imagination. We are here to help you turn these things into real journey of fun and adventure. It is our pleasure to entertain your thoughts and plans for you and your family.

Places to visit in the Philippines? We only mentioned 6, that means there are still 7,101 places remaining mostly undiscovered. Help yourself and get up! Pack up your things and visit the marvelous places in the Philippines.

Martin Nievera Celebrates Tatlong Dekada US Concert Tour

Martin Nievera 3D Tatlng Dekada

Martin Nievera celebrated his 30 years in showbiz industry in his US concert tour last October 24, 26 and 31. Nievera shook the crowd of Chicago and Concord with his outstanding ballad and pop song performances.

His concert was entitled “The Anniversary Concert 3D-Tatlong Dekada with his very own special guest Lani Misalucha.

Martin proved his juvenile self and unquestionable talent through the years on his constantly high energy and grooves as he sang along the music. Many were impressed with his smooth and husky voice which seemed to never change over a long span of time.


“His star magic factor never faded away. He’s still brilliant and amazing, still the same Martin I’ve watched and seen a couple of years ago,” quoted from a 53-year old Overseas Filipino fan.

Despite all his success and awards, Martin remained humble and genuine just as he was way back before when he was just starting to create his name in the industry.  In every concerts and performances he never forgets to recognize and acknowledge the noble efforts of his supporters and friends. In fact, on the latter part of his concert he made a mention to all his Overseas Filipino sponsors in which  BayanMall Online Shop was just one of the names acknowledged on stage.

martin nievera celebrates tatlong dekada

The 3-hour concert of the ‘Concert king Martin Nieverra was indeed a breakthrough to his career as an artist. Once again he had justified and went beyond the high expectations of the Filipino audiences. Surely he is worthy to be called a certified Filipino pride!

Best Filipino Wedding Traditions: Privileges Exclusive Only for Pinoy

Filipino Wedding Traditions

In sickness and in health, ‘til death do us apart.

This is the famous last line of the wedding vows exchanged by couples as they will be proclaimed married on their wedding ceremony. Wedding is a sacred privilege given to two lovers to become one in the eyes of the people, society and to our Almighty Father. It is the alliance of the two different clans from the groom and bride’s side. Thus, in our country wedding is more known as ‘kasalan’, from the word ‘kasal’ which means marriage. In the span of time, the best Filipino wedding traditions are still preserved well up to this date. Though it was enhanced and mutated by different religion and beliefs including culture and tradition.

Before the wedding ceremony itself, Filipinos still do a lot of preparation premises. First and foremost is the famous “Pamanhikan, wherein the man together with his parents will go to the woman’s home to meet and get to know each other. But the main goal of this is to formally ask the parents of the woman of her hand for marriage. If formally given the permission the couple can now proceed to the next step of the best Filipino wedding traditions.

Image Source: myboracaywedding.net
Image Source: myboracaywedding.net

Paalam or Wedding Announcement Visitations. Unlike other race and culture, Filipinos would love to personally visit their relatives and friends to make their wedding announcement. This is also the time when the couple will distribute their wedding invitations containing the details about the ceremony.

The bride and groom should also prepare for the ceremonial protocol. The groom should wear Barong Tagalog with a white shirt underneath partnered with a black pants or slacks. White wedding gown for the bride with a bouquet of flowers has also become traditional to us brought by the influence of Americans.

After a long wait and preparation, this is the most awaited part: the enchanting and magical wedding ceremony. The groom should arrive first to welcome and receive the guests. The bride on the other hand should follow with their wedding car. But the ceremony will be opened by the wedding entourage, which consists of the principal sponsors and godparents (ninang and ninong) to be their primary witness. This is to be followed by their friends and other relatives for the bridesmaid, best man, then the veil, cord and candle sponsors. The last batch of the march would be the arrhae, ring, flower, and Bible bearers.

filipino wedding traditions

The baptism and guidance of God upon the couple will be signified by the lighting of candles. Next is the pinning of veil, apart from the bride’s veil this veil ‘clothes’ them with signifying unity and commitment  to each other. The cord will be placed after over their head to their shoulders symbolizing the marriage bind and sometimes the cord is formed infinity sign to foretell their infinite bond together.

The arrhae is composed of 13 unity coins representing the couple’s prosperity in life. Lastly, it is the part of exchanging of vows and wedding rings. The two round wedding rings symbolize eternity. After the ceremony, the guests together with the newlywed will proceed to the reception.

Philippines is a country very particular to wedding and matrimonial vows. We are known for valuing our family with faith and compassion. Wedding indeed is a significant part of a person’s life. It indicates his maturity and preparedness upon taking responsibilities to have his own family, of course by the blessing of God. There may be many best Filipino wedding traditions to be followed, still the most important factor that should not be missed is the sincerity and loyalty vowed to each other from that day on.

Traditional Filipino Food: A Want and Necessity

traditional filipino food

A spoon without a fork, a pen without an ink, a shoe without a pair, a mother without her child, a pet without its owner….” It is how you can describe a Filipino dinning table without its traditional Filipino food. Odd, lifeless, and plain; it has no fun and color. It draws no line of happiness and satisfaction to the heart of every Filipino.

Pinoys are fond of creating and cooking their own and personalized recipes of food. As a result, they are also fond of eating different meals in a day.

The sweet aroma of adobo, the sour and nakakakilig taste of sinigang and paksiw, the long life of pancit and bihon, the crunchy and sizzling sinugba and lechon are only some of the traditional Filipino food. Of course, the meal won’t be complete without the cups of rice to partner all the tasty viands.

Though they say Philippines is much modernized and touched with foreign cultures, we can still be proud to say that we have sustained and preserved our culture in the means of our food. There might be foreign food chains and restaurants in every corner of the street, ‘lutong bahay na lutong Pinoy’ will still have the best rekados of love and pampalasa of joy and happiness.

traditional filipino food

Above all this, food is essential in every living in this world. It is a necessity and a want. It is needed to sustain life, to give and distribute energy to our body to enable ourselves to perform different kinds of activities. That’s why on the first meal of the day, we must ‘eat like a king’. The food we consume must contain heavy nutrients and complete sources of minerals and vitamins, which is called breakfast of agahan in Tagalog. From the word breakfast, this means to break the long fast or long period in which our body sleep and stop in taking any food. The meal on the half of the day is called lunch or tanghalian in Filipino. It is also important to sustain enough strength throughout the day. Viands with sarsa and sauce, salad and juices are the usual food we eat during this meal. The last batch of meal, the dinner of hapunan must be the lightest meal among the three. In this way, the body can adjust and process digestion in a span of 3-4 hours before it takes a deep rest or sleep.

But we can’t deny the fact that not all Filipino families share their meal together 3 times a day. Just like the family of Dondon, who lives in a small barong-barong beside the dirty and dainty smell of estero. Their living depends only on the number of garbage they can collect and sell at the end of the day. His family is just one of the many Filipinos who live a midst the dark scenarios poverty.

traditional filipino food

As an effect, many Pinoy wish and try to go outside the choking borders of the country to escape from the traps of death and miseries. They are called the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who sacrifice and work abroad to help their loved ones survive and have a convenient way of living. They hope to see a brighter future ahead of them, to see their family live and eat well 3 times a day.  To give them the privilege to eat their favorite Filipino traditional food as to their heart’s desire. OFWs only want to give the best to the people the care and value. Now, even distance can’t stop them from achieving their dreams and hopes. OWFs are now given the chance to access and order Filipino traditional food online through the most reliable and trustworthy BayanMall online shop. Instead of sending money or paying much for the delivery expenses, they can buy ‘lutong bahay’ meals available in the dashboard of the BayanMall webpage and transact to make an order. This is free of shipping expenses in no delays. In this manner, they can extend happiness to their ‘kapamilyas’ left in the country just in time.

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