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Send Flowers in the Philippines: Color Her Day with Love!

send flowers in the philippines

“Roses are red, violets are blue. If women don’t exist, what would mere men do?”

Women were made after the likeness of men. They were created to be gentle and pure, to love and to be loved. It’s in their nature to be selfless and give like a mother does to her child. Like what Sushmita Sen said, the essence of a woman is giving birth to a child. She is the mother of human kind, who composes the different levels and position in the society. No one can deny how they also out stand men in different aspects, which make them equally brilliant and competent. As a proof to this, there are names of women arising in different industries in which they excel and lead.

send flowers in the philippines

“Roses are red, violets are blue. If I send her flowers in the Philippines, would that be too hard for me to do?”

Compared to men’s physical strength, they may be comparably weak. Their force might be too little to withstand the power and strength men possess. Thus, women know more on how to deal with emotions. Yes, they are emotional and very sentimental. They are easily moved with a lot of things and gestures, for that is how they are made. To appreciate every living in this world and welcome them with a warm caress and love. But unlike men, they know more on how to face their battles in life; even though they end up crying and hurting. In this way, they earn bravery and boldness to carry on and move forward. Some might say they are overreacting in a lot of matters, but they don’t know how and why a woman does it. Of how she endures all the pains and wound the world is trying to scrape in her heart yet she enjoys the essence of her existence. Of why she continues to press on despite difficulties in life, in spite of all the discrimination and insults she gets in return to her kindness and generosity. No one can tell the depth of a woman’s heart and character. You can only see and define her through outward basis. However, none can dig deeper unto her soul, not unless you learn to love and understand her. Not until you stop for a moment and appreciate her value and existence.

send flowers in the philippines

“Roses are red, violets are blue. To send flowers in the Philippines is to send her my adoration and I love you.”

A mother, daughter, friend, girlfriend, partner, aunt, niece, teacher, grandmother and a wife. They take a large responsibility just as men do. With their emotional strength and ability to discern, we find comfort and peace.

Today, it is our time to make them feel that they are indeed special and one of a kind. Give them the things that would make them smile and happy. Even with a single bouquet of flowers, tell them how much you love and treasure them in your life. Life in this world is not constant and endless. Everything has its bounds and limits. Would it take half of your life to make every woman in your life happy? Would it make you less to give her flowers on an ordinary day and tell her she’s valued and loved? If you are far away, on a distance to work across the deep waters and tall mountains, will you let miles to hinder you from making her smile and laugh? They don’t asking for everything, yet they are very willing to give their everything. Because that’s who they are, like a flower that undergoes a deep process of rain and drought but in the end survives and blooms, giving joy to whoever finds it.

send flowers in the philippines

Send flowers in the Philippines, send a bouquet of love to your wife, daughter, friend, mother or to any woman you know who’s worth to be applauded. Send your hugs and kisses through every petal of it which represents how much you long to see them. On their ordinary day, send flower in the Philippines and make them feel extraordinary.

If you are an OFW, you don’t need to think thrice of its expenses and time. For Filipinos found a way to help you do it in an easier way. Through BayanMall Online Shop, you can treat all the women in your life without running out of your budget. In this online shop, you can browse for different bouquet of flowers and choose in which to order. In a minute, you can transact regarding the payments and address of the receiver whichever part of the Philippines she may be.

Send flowers in the Philippines and color her day with love. Send flowers in the Philippines and draw a smile in their hearts. At the end of the day, behind all these things it is the mere thought of giving that overwhelms their soul, reminding them that they are still remembered and precious to you.

For more information on how to send flowers in the Philippines, please CLICK HERE.

Lechon in the Philippines: A Fantasy Turned Into Reality

lechon in the philippines

“Hmmm, sarap talaga ng lechon tay!”…. “Akin na lang ‘tong balat”… “O dahan-dahan sa paglamon ng taba at baka di kayo amtunawan niyan”… “Hahaha…”

This picture happened in my life way back when I celebrated my eighteenth birthday. Unlike any other fortunate girls out there, my celebration was simple and plain. In fact it was just a small family bonding, with my parents and 3 sisters and brother. We had no budget for extravagant celebration, so we just memorized all the delicious food we would like to eat at that time and created a picture oif it in our vast imagination. We picture out spaghetti from pancit, cake from bibingka and lechong baboy from the four pieces of pritong pirit that just fitted enough on the last one hundred peso bill in my father’s wallet. I didn’t feel bad for I was aware of our situation. We are not well-off and lucky enough to buy those delicious foods such as my favorite lechon on that special occasion. Yet the memories and bond we shared together, all the laughter we had as we memorize our favorite food became our riches and treasures in life. From that day on, I promised myself to work hard and give my future family a comfortable and convenient life. To have a lechon in the center of the dinning table in every celebration that will come in our lives,

“Kainan na!”

lechon in the philippines

This famous line in Filipinos can be pictured out from a traditional Pinoy handaan. It is the favorite and most awaited part of the party wherein each pair of hands and trembling stomachs are excited and eager to grab and get their portion of their favorite putahe and deserts. Filipinos are fond of eating fatty and oily food such as the common, famous and most requested lechon in the Philippines. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao whichever part of the country you may be, there is no exception to the craving of lechon. It is usually served on big special occasions such as fiestas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and many more. If you will notice, it is always the center piece of the table; magnetizing every senses of a person who passes by the hapagkainan for it gives out a simu’t sarap aroma from the different rekados put inside before setting it under the burning coals of fire. Aside from the smell and taste, it also made a hit to Filipinos because of its size which can feed a large number.  No wonder in not less than 10 minutes the lechon can no longer be seen on its place. By that time it is already distributed to the plates of all the people in the party.

Thus, unfortunately during these days our country is affected by the global crisis. All the prices in the market grow along with the rate of lechon in every ‘lechunan house. As a result, most Filipino families who live on the average and below seldom have and prefer  lechon in the Philippines on their special occasions and celebration to lessen their expenses.

Lechon in the Philippines

OFWs who work abroad to give their family a better life also wish to let their loved ones experience a full blast party celebration, that will only be complete with the presence of lechon in the hapagkainan. However, they don’t have enough budget to pay for the lechon and the expensive delivery services. Now OFWs don’t need to worry about this for they can avail lechon for their families in an easier and affordable way. Within a minute transaction and ordering process, their favorite ‘lechon’ in the Philippines can already be prepared to be delivered and served to their loved ones. In the newest Bayan Mall Online Shop, they can buy ‘lechon online and have it delivered whichever part of the country with no delays and just on time. Don’t allow your family to just memorize the taste, make their imagination become reality and let them savor the malinamnam taste of lechon in the Philippines today!

Though lechon is not an original Filipino food, but lechon in the Philippines out stands other countries’ lechon. For the lechon here is cooked and made with genuine joy and overflowing love.

  • “Thanks to Bayan Mall for my dream before has now come true. Though I am far away, I can still fulfill and keep my promise to them of a handaan with lechon on their birthdays and other special occasions.”


We Accept Orders of LECHON in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Visit our website for more information: www.bayanmall.com

Send Gifts in the Philippines: Ignite the Fire of Giving

Online Shopping Mall in the Philippines

As we give, our hearts grow mature. As we give, we gain much for ourselves. As we give, we become winners and not losers. We become fulfilled and not empty, for that is the ironic principle of giving. Although you give out something, it is you who will gain more.

“Wala ng magpapasaya pa sa isang magulang kundi ang makitang nakangiti at masaya ang kanyang mga anak.”

Best Online Shop in the Philippines

Indeed, this is true to all Filipino parents who are ever genuine and loving. Until their last breath, they would still desire to give their family the best of everything. Not because they are obliged to do so, or it is what the world dictates them to do so; not because their children are the best or worst but because they love them unconditionally. The love much and give much, though as they give they do not lose but gain. They receive a warm ‘thank you’ and smiles from the ones they love. Through this they get their strength and foundation to fight against all odds even if it means to go away from them and live across the globe. To work on a foreign land with no one to lean on or to linger with. To leave their families and friends just to give them a better living. These people are not only incredible, they are extremely fantastic and beautiful inside and out. No wonder these Filipinos are called ‘heroes’ of this generation, for they help not only their family but also their countrymen. Through their hardships and sacrifices, they make every hearts be filled with love and happiness.

Overseas Filipino Workers Online Grocery

As our world becomes modernized each day, different ways are also developed to make life easier. As for our OFWs, through technology and social media their co-Filipinos found a way to help them connect to their families by sending gifts in the Philippines via online. With no hassle and delays, they can now give their children and friends the things that they ones wished to give. Through Bayan Mall online shop they can buy products and items such as groceries and food like cakes and lechon, gadgets, school supplies, motorcycle vehicles, rice, flowers and many more. OFW’s can choose wisely with the guides on the page. Thus, they can make inquiries about their concerns regarding the products they’d like to send in the Philippines.

With Bayan Mall, OFW’s can send gifts in the Philippines and ignite the fire of giving in their hearts.

You can also LIKE our Facebook: www.facebook.com/bayanmall

OFW Guide – Best Gifts For Your Family Found Online!


It’s the thought that counts’ is a common phrase for Filipinos in times of gift giving. We do mean it. For us, what’s important is that you remembered to get something for that special day. Giving gifts has been part of the Filipino culture – a way of expressing our appreciation and love.

For Overseas Filipino Workers coming home, it’s a must to bring along a ‘balikbayan’ box with little trinkets for everyone. I mean everyone – even the distant cousin and the household help. Here are some of the best gift ideas found in the best online shop in the Philippines.

1. Delicious Lechon


Best Online Shop in the Philippines

Regardless the occasion, roasted pork is a favorite dish amongst Filipinos, especially during fiestas. That crispy skin, savory meat and mouthwatering aroma makes lechon the star of the festive table. Giving it as a gift will surely be appreciated by the whole family.

2. Modern Gadgets

Online Shopping Mall in the Philippines

Even as a third world country, the Philippines are up to date with the latest technology. From cameras, smartphones, laptops and tablets, it’s the perfect gift for adults and kids alike. Not to mention they can use it to communicate with you through the internet.

3. Cakes and Sweets


Best Online Shop in the Philippines

Filipinos know how to appreciate sweet food, especially children. Cakes are common gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other celebrations. Even if you’re far away, you can make them feel your presence by providing the cake – choose the flavor!

4. Home Appliances


Kuwait Filipino Online Store

The typical Filipino family loves to cuddle up in the living room and watch their favorite ‘teleserye’ together. Why not send them a new entertainment system to improve their cinematic experience? Or, send them a karaoke machine to let them sing their hearts out!

5. Flowers and Chocolates


Kuwait Filipino Online Store

Most Overseas Filipino Workers left their spouse or partners behind. But it doesn’t mean you have to let romance take the backseat too. Surprising her with flowers and chocolates is more than enough to let your significant other feel your love.

The real question is — how can you send them, especially the perishable goods? With virtual shops on the rise, balikbayan online shopping in Philippines is truly a trend nowadays. Lately, there have been a lot of websites dedicated to deliver your gifts anywhere in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Top 5 OFWs Common Issues They Face | Best Online Shop in the Philippines

Being an overseas Filipino worker, or OFW, doesn’t solve all the problems a family may have. While the chance to earn more than one could have back home is a good thing, other issues may arise. Some may have simple solutions – such as the OFW and his or her children having Skype to keep in touch. Others are more complex.

  1. Providing basic necessities. Whether in cash or through actual goods, this is a primary problem of OFWs. Some can send packages home only every six months or so due to shipping costs. A visiting relative also can’t carry a lot with them, due to baggage fees. An online shopping mall in the Philippines may be able to solve this particular problem.

    Online Shopping Mall in the Philippines

  1. Not being able to save. You may have been working for three months or three years. But the result could still be the same – you have no idea where your salary went. Careful planning and budgeting can solve this, as can self-restraint in buying the latest gadgets or clothing.

    Best Online Shop in the Philippines

  1. Friends not paying debts. When in a foreign country, OFWs seek out fellow Filipinos and build a circle of friends from there. Sometimes, a friend would urgently need money. Filipinos are naturally helpful, so they’re not likely to say ‘no’. Learning to do so is a must, though, to avoid this kind of issue.

    Overseas Filipino Workers Online Grocery Store

  1. Indebtedness. Still on the subject of money, there’s the other side of the coin. Maybe an OFW has incurred a debt or two but was able to pay it off. But when debt runs too high and he’s unable to pay, that’s where the issue lies. Make a budget and stick to it as much as possible.

Middle East Filipino Online Grocery Store

  1. Illegal recruitment. If not properly educated on avoiding illegal recruiters, or on how to spot legitimate overseas deployment, would-be OFWs are easily persuaded. Money and effort are not only wasted, but it may be more difficult to get back home. As mentioned earlier, education and guidance from government agencies can help.

    Online Shopping Mall in the Philippines

There are more problems, whether big or small, which certainly can’t be solved all at once. An issue like providing groceries can be made easier with a Filipino online shopping in Dubai or another country. Otherwise, taking little steps to prevent them from occurring will help in the long run.

BayanMall | OFW? Remember the 3 Essential Reminders

“Most Filipinos are ADVENTURIST!”

Online Shopping Mall in the Philippines
Do you agree? Before you make conclusions, have you noticed why overseas Filipino workers’ (OFWs) population is increasing? Have you ever wondered why there is an overseas Filipino workers online grocery store? Perhaps, you haven’t noticed that.

First thing, OFWs increase because Filipinos see opportunities in other countries. Since they’re naturally adventurists, they want to try it even risks accompany such opportunities.

Second thing, due to the constant growth of OFW, online grocery stores were also created. It was intended to cater the desires of those OFWs who want to send gifts to their loved ones in the Philippines. Well, that’s SWEET!

So, Are You an OFW?

Best Online Shop in the Philippines
If ever you’re one of those BRAVE and adventurist OFWs, I’m sure, it’s not that easy. I know that it’s a sacrifice and a crucial mission. So, before  we reach the point, let me first send my “immeasurable applause” to you! (Bow down)

Anyway, although I admire your guts, still, you’re not perfect. There’s still a possibility that you might suck!  Now, I want you to plant this 3 important things in your mind!


1. Don’t forget where you came from!
Middle East Filipino Grocery Online Store
You’re born in the Philippines! You’re from the Philippines! You’re nation is the Philippines! So, don’t ever forget the country. Don’t forget where you came from, even if you think you’re already successful in life.

If you’re working in a country which you think is far greater than the paradise nation (Philippines), don’t make it a reason for you to forget your motherland. Why don’t you open your eyes? Your country is one of the reasons why you’re still alive! That’s true! You should be proud of it!

2. Always create connections to your fellowmen.

Ofw Best Online Shopping in the Philippines
So, your earning more cash compared to the income you got from the Philippines, right? Now, you’re thinking that you’re RICH, invincible, famous, phenomenal, or great – makes you think that you have to isolate yourself from your fellowmen. Sorry, but you’re wrong.

Put in your mind that being Filipino isn’t about your economic status, the color of your skin, the language you spoke, or any factors resembling the stereotype of being a Filipino. The truth is, it’s in the BLOOD!

So, stay connected with your fellowmen! BROTHERS!

3. Never forget your family in the Philippines.

Kuwait Filipino Online Store
“You’re a Filipino today and FOREVER!”

I don’t want to say this, but I’ve seen numerous dudes who suddenly forgot the special things they have, because they thought their success (money) will suffice everything. One of these special things is their FAMILY!

Don’t they realize that family is a TREASURE?

Ofw Online Shopping in the Philippines

Always remember this: Don’t ever forget your family wherever you are right now. Remember, you’re what you are today not because of yourself, but it’s also because of  them – your ever supportive family.

Stay humble.

Kuwait Filipino Online Store
If you know some Filipinos who are also working outside the country, share this to them. This would let them realize the value of being a TRUE Filipino. Plus, this would also introduce them to an online shopping mall in the Philippines.

Halloween Costumes for Kids in the Philippines, A Click or A Trick?

Halloween fun

“Bweeheehee… bwuahahahaaa.. Trick or Treat! Heeeeheeeheehee…”

I remember before when I was in college when we tried to achieve a Western Halloween party atmosphere and we only ended up with a normal and ‘not-so-fabulous’ one. Having no enough resources and source of money I tried to recycle unused things and clothes in our house. And I just came up with the funny looks to be best described as ‘electrocuted clown’, while my other colleagues had their costumes made from abroad composed of leather and furs. Though it was fun for I became the center of attraction, but I can’t deny the fact that I also suffered quite a humiliation. And now as Halloween is fast approaching, I want my kids to have the best Halloween party experience ever. Unlike my situation before, I want to give them enough resources and sources of their fun and excitement. So that even if I’m away from them, happiness would still fill their hearts.

Talking on the phone

But how can I send Halloween costume for my kids in the Philippines? Should I prepare my wallet for a great expense on it? Well, whichever ways it would go, a loving parent would do everything to give the best for their family.

We all know that Halloween is not traditional to us Filipinos. Most of us prefer to visit the tombs of our loved ones who passed away, allowing peace and serenity to remember them in those days. Some go on picnics inside the cemetery together with their relatives and friends. Yes it is fun but for kids who don’t understand the whole thing, it might not be that interesting. A place filled with colorful decorations and stuff is a whole lot more appealing to the minds of the young ones.

Older sister hugging little brother on halloween

However nowadays, Halloween party is slowly being practiced in the country. But the concern of many is the resources they have for costumes and props to create a horrifying atmosphere. Would it be possible to bring the perfect Halloween costumes for kids in the Philippines? Would it be a click to the trend and a trick to their pockets?

Unlike in our country, Halloween costumes are commonly prepared and made available in Western and foreign countries, which gives an advantage for our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have their kids left in the Philippines.

bayan.png2 bayan3

They can now extend their Halloween experience from their work places towards their loved ones. It was made possible by Bayanmall Online Shopping. This was created to give OFWS the convenience to send and give the best of their love to their families and friends. This Halloween, Bayanmall is selling Halloween costumes and products such as candies and toys for their children to taste the sweet and fun sensation of the upcoming party. Aside from the fact that it is not time consuming, they can also save a whole lot more of their paid expenses. For it is free shipping expense process to be delivered in a short span of time.


What are you waiting for? Transact and avail our sales and promos! Let your children enjoy the terrifying and fun Halloween feels in your hometowns.

To check out more Halloween Costumes for Kids in the Philippines, Visit our website: www.bayanmall.com

Juan : New Hero ‘Suki’ of the Month

 Bayan Mall Online Shopping

“Behind his every smile lies a well of tears, at the back of every ‘I love you’ hides a longing sadness deep within. Despite of how the world tries to dictate his life, Juan fights against the trend and tries to save his family, his only treasure in life. He took the courage to risk in going afar to give them a brighter future ahead. Indeed, Juan is a hero in his own ways, a hero to his loved ones and fellowmen. Yet, his heroic sacrifice is only perceived behind the scene wherein no one notices and no one really cares.”

Juan’s journey briefly describes how our new heroes of today gambled their life to fate. Of how they were filled with doubts and ‘what ifs’, yet they pursued to travel across the globe carrying the burden of despair and longing; all for their loved ones’ sake.

Best Online Shop in the Philippines

In spite from all their sacrifices and hardships, people easily put verdict on them, mocking their dignity and character. People create those stereotype impressions, questioning their pride and self worth. Some say they are desperate Filipinos, dying to munch even the last scent in their wallet. But these people didn’t know the things beyond all this. Nobody knows how much they tremble with grief and sadness of being alone to a foreign land. People don’t feel the wincing of their heart agonizing from the pain physically, emotionally and even socially. In the first place, OFWs who work abroad only wish to bring his family joy and satisfaction in life through sending money to sustain their needs, in which sometimes they gain insults and humiliations. Yes they might be desperate in the eyes of others but this desperation is anchored with their love and sincerity. Also, this desperation is what keeps their families alive and moving forward from the miseries of life.

Overseas Filipino Workers Online Grocery

Overseas Filipino Workers are people worthy to be applauded and highlighted in front of the stage. They deserve to have the spotlight of respect and warm welcome from everybody.  Through the money they send, our country benefits from the remittances. They are not parasites neither traitors, for it is poverty and crises that betrayed them. Unlike others, they don’t just do their job because they love what they are doing, but it is love that pushes them to do so. Out of their genuine heart, they left their comfort zone to face the horrifying battlefield. They allowed the world to take away their happiness in exchange to give their family the bread of life. These people are more than just all those mocking identities and stereotypes, unlike gems and stones their worth never fades away. They are more precious than money and fame for their rate value is constantly boundless.

superhero daughters hug father waist. isolated on white

OFWs are indeed heroes in their own ways, skilled with superpowers of love and generosity. Just like any other Filipinos no matter what rank he is in the society, they also deserve to receive glory and pride from their own country. They humbled themselves the moment they chose to be deserted on a foreign land, now let us exalt and acknowledge their sacrifices and good works.

Asian man smiling with mobile phone Overseas Filipino Workers

In line with this, their fellow Filipinos made a way to help them have a constant communication and connection to their friends and families in the Philippines. Bayan Mall Online Shopping was created to help OFWs from the different parts of the world to send their message and token of love through sending goods and gift items to their loved ones. The idea was formulated to allow the OFWs to extend their sincere presence to their hometown fellowmen. The online shop sells different products such as rice, cakes, gadgets, groceries and other necessities on a low justified price. Unlike other online shopping center, Bayanmall can be comprehended and accessed easily. In fact, with no hassle they can make surprises during special days and occasions by transacting online regarding their inquiries and orders. In just a short span of time, their order will be delivered to the address of the receiver whichever part of the country. Above all else, Bayanmall treats every customer a family, a friend and a true ‘kababayan’.

Suki of the Month
Suki of the Month

Now it is your time to shine and expose your inspiring life story to the world. Take part in the Bayanmall’s promo and be our ‘suki’ of the month. Simply buy and avail Bayanmall products, and grab the chance to be chosen as the ‘suki of the month’. The more products you buy the more chances of winning! The lucky winner will have his family picture posted on the webpage, plus he will receive 1 sack of rice or Ph3,000.00 worth of groceries for his family and if he wishes, he can have the story of his family featured too. Don’t go wasting another opportunity to make your loved ones happy, pour and shout out your love to the world and become our‘Ultimate Suki of The Month’.

Juan, Tara!