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Behind the Scene

 Behind the Scene

Do you believe that the best things in life are those which the camera can never capture?

Well, I do.

We all have those perfect moments in life in which we can utter the words “This is the best!”. It is very natural party on beachfor us to create and enjoy fun and exciting moments. And in this modern times, we often encapsulate those memories through pictures or the ever famous ‘selfies’and ‘groufies’. Yes, as they say pictures can tell a thousand words however it can never capture the very meat of that moment. Through pictures, we tend to hold on to the best things without knowing that the best ones in life are also best left as a memory drawn with the wind.

Just like Jane, a 17-year old girl who tried to express her best moment in life through a picture. “We had a class presentation of telling a story out of an image. I chose the one in which I smiled, giggled and laughed a lot. I thought they will also feel the same, however they only flashed a slight smile trying to show their empathy and involvement where in fact they were all busy with their own business.” There she realized that the best things in life can never be completely portrayed and relayed on a flat 2D surface.

Similar to her story, is the experience of  ‘Tatang’ who tried to recall all his ‘best things in life’ moments through a collection of old pictures stored in his wooden ‘ataul’ (box). “Isang araw, nalungkot ako kaya naisipan ko na maglakbay na lang sa mga alaala gamit ang mga larawang itinago ko. Akala ko maiiyak ako sa sobrang tuwa at galak ngunit halos di ko na pala matandaan ang ilan dala na rin siguro ng katandaan.” Perhaps, he only remembered how he felt when he experienced the best moments of his life as he scanned and walked in the past through those pictures.iStock_000008776871_Medium

I too have my own share of ‘best things in life’. One of it was when I found my way back to Christ, giving me my real identity back which was once stolen from me. As a teenager, I had my Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) moments with me but those can never match up to the tender happiness I felt during that 3-day encounter with God. I was graciously and miraculously reborn in faith and spirit, with that I had my own testimony of life at its best. Unlike my other fun experiences, I didn’t have any picture of that 3-day journey but up until now the unexplainable feeling of freedom, love and joy are still alive and fresh in my soul. I believe I tried to take a picture of it but I chose not to save it realizing that it was just more than a wonderful  and memorable picture. It was a life changing event which shouldn’t be boxed only by the blinding flashes of the camera but instead its worthy to remain alive in my own collection of memories.meadow

Indeed, life is a journey bunched with surprises and unexpected moments. Just like when your crush crosses your way and says ‘hello’ to you, I can tell you can do nothing but freeze for a moment and stare savoring every second of it. For you, it might be one of the ‘best things in life’ however because of that rising mixed-up emotions of happiness and excitement you didn’t have enough reaction time to capture it with a camera. Nevertheless, best experiences and things in life are mostly those of behind the scenes and they are best captured by our own system of memory and stories to share.

Do you believe that the best things in life are those which the camera can never capture?

Well, I do.

Missing You

Missing You


Whenever I feel delighted, I always find myself suddenly frowning.

I wish you we’re here with me, enjoying this beautiful world together.

I do miss you. I really do.

Remembering every bit of you, I can feel my soul being ignited. Your scent that drives me fanatical. Your touch that secures me. Your stare that melts me. Your words that enthuse me. Your smile that completes me.

I may be lonely day by day but my heart never felt that I’m in solitude. Whenever I’m alone, I close my eyes and there I can see you.  I know that your love is with me. I can feel you. I wish I could just close my eyes ‘til the day you’ll be here by my side, again.

You are my greatest consolation. The photograph of you can feed my hungry soul.  You are my everyday vitamin. You’re making me strong . You nourishes my heart. You’re the cause why I stand with no fright and hesitation. Every time you give me your smiles, you brought me to a thousand miles.

Your love’s always been true and unconditional. You’re always there for every good times and bad times that I have gone through. That’s the reason why I gave this heart to you. I believe that we are meant to weep and laugh together. You are incomparable. No one in this world can replace you from my heart.

Silhouette of Girl against Overcast Sky

Now, I’m alone again and the thought of you came flashing right in my mind again. You and I intertwined right in my heart everyday. This made my day a treasure and that gave me such pleasure.

I always believe that our love will last forever. That our love for each other will never fade. I know you feel the same way and I do trust your love.

BayanMall Offers New Sweet Delights!

BayanMall Offers New Sweet Delights!

Whatever season it is, sweets and deserts will always be a part of a Filipino’s delight. Cakes, polvorons, breads are just some of the sweet cravings Filipinos all over the world commonly share. That’s why BayanMall made a way to help you send these to the Philippines. Tour yourself on our webpage and take a quick look of our new and best-offered sweets.


  1. Breads

Give it a shot for our Goldilocks Apple Raisin Loaf for only 71.00 pesos. This tasty bread with apple raisins is fit for your healthy living diet because it contains no trans fat.

Here’s another Goldilocks product, the Dinner Rolls containing 12 pieces in a pack for as low as 68.16 pesos. This sweet bread rolls is also health and taste wise. It contains Vitamin A and has no amount of trans fat unlike other commercial breads in the market.


  1. Cake Rolls

Next to our list is the upbeat delicious cake rolls.

The Mocha nut Crunch Roll whole is flavored with mocha and caramel filling crushed with praline. The entire 17- long cake roll is ornamented with cream rosettes and chocolate decors with the entire crust surface covered with mocha butter cream icing. In just 417.48 pesos you can now buy this yummy 1200g cake roll.

We also have the famous Brazo Mercedes roll for only 433.10 pesos. This 1200g meringue roll is filled with golden yellow filling. It is also topped with a wavy sweet design and sprinkled with few bits of sugar.


  1. Greeting Cakes

Send these greeting cakes to your loved ones as they celebrate an important event of their lives. The Luscious Caramel Cake is a combination of mocha and vanilla delight filled with vanilla and caramel fillings. This caramel cake is garnished with caramel icing and sprinkled with caramel butter sauce. Taste this luscious caramel cake for only 575.10 pesos.

We also have Choco Chiffon Square with a size of 8×12 for only 702.90. Its large dimensions can perfectly feed many savoring stomachs with a sweet chocolate surprise.


  1. Polvoron

Entice positivity with these tasty and premium made polvorons.

The Peanut Polvoron pack contains 24 pieces of polvoron that will surely hook your taste for only 164.72 pesos.

While the Polvoron Selections is also another product sold in pack containing 20 pieces. Enjoy the yummy taste of these assorted polvorons for only 266.96 pesos.


  1. Premium Cakes

This batch of premium cakes will surely enchant you with its very promising taste.

The Choco Mousse (8-round) is a chocolate cake rich in moist choco butter and iced with freshly whipped cream. The creamy crust if carved with laces and cream borders with its top filled with chocolate chips. The entire cake is sprinkled with chocolate ganache and choco vermicelli. It costs as low as 773.90 pesos.

The Black Forest Cake is a chocolate cake filled with creamy cherry fillings. It is iced with chocolate sauce and flakes underneath the smoothened surface of whipped cream. The 1600g cake is garnished with sweet cherries and creamy rosettes. It only costs 837.00 pesos. BLACK FOREST CAKE BIG (8″ ROUND)


  1. Wedding Cakes

Buy wedding cakes and surprise the marrying couple with these wedding cakes delight! With the Romance Wedding Package, you can already have a 3-layer mocha fondant cake together with another six mini cakes for sponsors and 24 polvoron cakes for guests.

We also have the Promise Wedding Package with a single layer mocha fondant wedding cake and four miniature cake for guests and sponsors as well.

These are just a few of the many delicious cakes you can now purchase in BayanMall Online Shop. For further information and options, visit our webpage and scan the sweets that will click upon your taste. Enjoy shopping!



business man holds fingers at temples

Top 5 Latest and Affordable Android Smart Phones to Buy in the Philippines:

Which is which? A high quality at a high price or low quality at a low price?

The two above are the common options Filipinos give themselves when it comes to buying material things. Especially in terms of techie gadgets, in particular with smart phones which are out in the market. We become more conscious on the price rather than the quality of service and durability it can offer us. Why settle for less if you deserve more? After giving a shot with this article, surely you’ll have a pick of your Top 5 Latest and Affordable smart phones to buy in the Philippines.

Mobility and applications concept

MyPhone A818I Duo .

First on the list is the MyPhone A818I Duo. For as low as 3740 pesos you can now avail your best android Jelly Bean MPhone smartphone. This MyPhone touchscreen model has a 3.5 inch LCD with 3.2 fixed-focus camera megapixel plus a front camera. Thus, before you can scan for few photos you need to insert a micro USB to enable the access. It contains fun and interesting Pinoy Phone Apps. The operating system of this model is Andorid 2.3.5(Gingerbread).

Referring to its name, it is only limited to GSM and EDGE but you can connect to a WIFI source for browsing and net surfing. Its battery life is longer compared to the succeeding smartphones with a dual-sim capacity.


Cherry Mobile Life.

In just 3749.00 pesos you can have Cherry Mobile Life Android Jelly Bean dual sim smartphone, the second on the list of Top 5 Latest and Affordable smart phones to buy in the Philippines. The handset runs a bit faster with 1.3GHz dual core MT6572 processor and 512MB of RAM. However, it’s battery will only last for a quite shorter capacity of Li-Ion 1,500mAh battery.


Same with MyPhone Rain 2G, its LCD is 4-INCH wvga(400X800) display with a 5 Megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash and .3MP VGA front-Fcing camera perfect for a groufie or selfie. The Cherry Mobile Life has access to Wifi 802.11b/g/n/ Wifi Hotspot and supported with a GPS. Overall, its internal memory can hold up to 4GB of all files and applications. And again BE SMART with your SMARTPHONES!

Modern Phone Design

Cloudfone Excite 402

Next is the latest Cloudfone model, the Cloudfone Excite 402

costing only 4590.00 pesos. For such a low price, you can now enjoy a higher level of entertainment and fun with this 1.2GHzdual core processor MSM8225A Chip Set Android Jelly Bean phone.

Experience its 5 Megapixel rear-facing camera both at the back and front with its additional VGA shooter. Still, the touchscreen display is as wide as 4.0-inch Display, 800×480 resolution (233 pixels per inch).This magnificent handset just like the other two above also have a long battery life of 1,500mAh giving an all-in access to apps and widgets. This dual sim standby phone has an access to Wifi hotspots, GPS and Bluetooth 3G. This cloudfone model holds upto 4GB internal storage which is expandable up to 32GB via microSD Card and runs 512MB RAM.

 LG Optimus L5 E612

 As we meet to our last spot on the Top 5 Latest and Affordable smart phones to buy in the Philippines, let us take a look with another promising service of LG company with its LG Optimus L5 E612. With a low and justified price of 6740.00 pesos you can now enjoy a better version of LG Android jelly bean android phone. For such cost, you can now surf and browse the internet using your smartphone on a faster and non-stop internet connection. Thus, you can only use a single sim in this handset and use 32 GB Bluetooth connectivity GPRS 3G. It has a dimension OF 118.3x 66.5x 9.5 mm with 480x 320 megapixels.

Aside from the internet accessibility, it also has a battery standard capacity of LiIon 1500 mAh , 4GB internal memory storage and an expandable external memory allowing you to save and install more data and apps at the same time. Unlike the previous version, it has a better camera quality of 3.2 Megapixel at the back and VGA for the front camera.

Before we jump to the last entry of the Top 5 Latest and Affordable smart phones to buy in the Philippines, let’s review the previous entries. Take notice that all are sold in the market for a low price but offers a great quality of service and incentives. Unlike the other expensive models, these smartphones allow the average crowd to take pleasure in their Jelly Bean Android phone.

Fifth on the list, is none other than the O+ 8.52 dual android. This O+ handset running on a MT6577 1GHz dual core processor and a battery capacity of 1450mAh Li-Ion.. Unlike the MyPhone model, O+ 8.31z bids higher level of video rcording with 720p HD. Thus it also contains 512MB of RAM capacity on its memory service.

Its touchscreen display is 4-inch WVGA (480×800) IPS with a camera and VGA shooter and 5-megapixel autofocus rear camera with LED flash.

One of the things that make this mobile sale stand out among others is that the handset package is air shuffle and can access to wifi hotspots and local internet networks.

Now that you’ve came to know the Top 5 Latest and Affordable smart phones to buy in the Philippines don’t think twice of buying. Remember, these smartphones are made affordable but not CHEAP and of low quality. You can trust in this for they are all produced and manufactured by your trustworthy and loving Filipino fellowmen.

Give your family a treat with these smartphones in the Philippines. Transact and order here at BayanMall Online Shop to create a techie surprise for them. With no delays and high additional expenses, send these as a gift to them whichever part of the country they may be.

Take a smart choice, choose the best at lesser price smartphones for you and your loved ones!

Choose, transact, order and send. Buy now!





Best Food Prepared on Christmas Eve

Best Food Prepared on Christmas Eve


Dear Mama,

Merry Christmas po diyan! Malayo ka man ngayon, kahit paano naibsan din ang lungkot ko. Salamat kina ate Sally, Junjun at Papa. Pati na rin sa mga kapitbahay nating sila aling Nena at Bennie maging sina Lola Tacio at Lola Teresita. Silang lahat ang nagpapagaan ng loob ko. Syempre, isama mo na diyan ang isang masarap at masayang handaan na sila ang kasama. Pero wala pa ring tatalo sa sarap ng luto mong hamonado, leche flan at syempre ang specialty mong pancit for long life!

Salamat nga pala sa padala at makakabili na kami ng keso de bola, rekados at baka kumasya na rin ang lechon. Ma, Masaya kami dito sana ikaw rin. Baling araw, magkakasama rin tayo muli at ngayon pa lang eh excited na ako. Sige ma, I love you! Ingat ka lagi diyan, Merry Christmas!



Christmas is one of the most awaited days in a year. Before the 25th of December everybody gets busy preparing their homes and place for a warm Christmas aura. During these days malls and market stores are surely packed up with many customers buying their Christmas presents and cards for their loved ones. Filipinos celebrate Christmas not only to refresh and have fun but most especially to spend a merry quality time with their friends and families. Aside from the gifts and tokens, what they always look forward to see is the bright and genuine smile of the people dear to them.

Thus, Filipinos are very sentimental but at the same time a big fan of delicious and tasty eating. Noche Buena or the Christmas Eve is an important part of the whole party duration. Or shall I say the part awaited by everyone. Well, who would not want to taste all the yummy and appetizing trays of Christmas food prepared in the Philippines?


Keso de Bola. Or also called as Edam cheese. From the name itself, this is a round yellow cheese coated with a red paraffin wax. It is one of the most requested variant of food during Christmas season. Keso de Bola compared to other kinds of cheese is just mildly salty, and has no smell at all. This cheese can be seen in malls and grocery stores sometimes packed in bulk. It is also often partnered with loaves of bread, peanuts and other sweet delights.

Ham. As most Filipinos would say, “Mawala na lang ang lahat wag lang ang hamonado at keso de bola sa handaan”. It is a famous original Filipino dish made up of roasted pork rinsed and cooked in the juice of pineapple, orange or better yet calamansi. Filipino dish consisting of pork cooked in pineapple (and/or orange, calamansi) juice. The ham is allowed to marinate for quite long to absorb the delicious and fresh fruit sap within its meat until the Christmas Eve.lechon-700x480


Barbecues and Lechon. These two are the part of the main dish in the Noche Buena. Barbecues such as chicken, pork, fish and hotdogs are quite a mainstream in every party food menu. Thus, commonly pork and chicken barbecues are prepared for Christmas. It is thoroughly marinated until it becomes tender juicy and ready to be cooked under the steam and smoke of fiery coals. Barbecues can be a great alternative for families who can’t afford to buy lechon. Lechon is known for its ‘worth savoring for’ taste and aroma. Filipinos always look forward to see this one whole piece of roasted pork. Though many can’t afford to buy it at its market cost, there are negotiable prices and alternatives for these lechon sensations.

Leche Flan. Leche flan has also been a part of traditional Filipino cuisines especially during Noche Buena. It is a custard dessert coated with egg and milk with caramel sauce on its surface. This sweet delight is known all over the world especially in Europe. Leche flan is also a perfect sweet present as we visit our loved ones during this special holiday.

Macaroni and Fruit Salad. After eating oily and meaty dishes, Filipinos tend to take the last portion of their meal. And that is none other than the sweets and deserts. Fruit and macaroni salad are just perfect to balance your appetite. The chunks and bits of fruits will allow the full stomachs to digest slowly and give a relaxing and vibrant feeling to the goers.

These are just some of the best foods prepared in the Philippines for Christmas. If you want to share your list of top 5 you can send us an email and let the whole world know. This Christmas, let’s make it memorable through giving it our best in preparing for the best!

Read and Understand God’s Word – Ways To Lead You For Better Understanding

the holy bible

In our daily lives, it is important to go on equipped with the right guidance with us. Especially in making decisions, it is necessary to consult the One who acquires wisdom beyond the mountains and oceans, whose roar of knowledge is louder than the fiery lions. Before we wake up, we ask for His divine guidance and presence to fill us up. In every step we take, we always consult Him through His word, the Bible. However, most try to read the Scripture but can’t well comprehend. Maybe we should take it step by step to surely swallow God’s words in our mind, heart, soul and spirit to let His glory manifest in our lives through actions. In this article, you can read ways of how to start your journey with God through read His promises and advice through the Bible.

  1. Book of Mark.

Reading the book of Mark is a good start for those who want to understand the Bible well. This account will give you a clear narrative of how Jesus changed the world through his magnificent glory. In other words, it is a short biography of Jesus Christ, written by a boy who witnessed His good works and miracles personally as He did his ministry in the world of humanity.

  1. Book of Acts.

This book is a powerful grip to one’s walk in faith with Jesus Christ. You can read apostle Paul’s life changing stories and experiences unveiling his faithfulness and zeal in selflessly serving God and His people. It will also be a good way to ignite your fire in sharing the Good News to the world.

  1. Book of Romans.

Romans is just one of the personal accounts of apostle Paul. It tackles about how God genuinely loves, forgives and accepts even the worst sinners. After you finish reading, proceed to the other remaining books of the New Testament.

  1. Book of Genesis. Understand how God perfectly made everything through His word, of how he created life through His mere breath. Read stories of the people who personally encountered God and how their lives turned 360 degrees afterwards. There are many warnings and promises of God written here for His mighty people.

After Genesis, you can continue reading other books named after their main characters like Esther, Joshua, Job and many more. Remember it is better to complete the entire book to never skip a detail. You never know if God’s promises or revelation for you is in that particular book or verse!

  1. Book of Psalms and Proverbs.

The book of Psalms and Proverbs serve as good guide towards our walk with God. Psalms teaches us how to have noble heart in praising and worshipping the Lord even if it’s the hardest thing to do as of the moment. You can read and attest how David revealed everything to God that’s why he was called ‘ the man after God’s own heart’. Meanwhile, proverbs contains words of insights and wisdom from God to give us protection, provision and even direction in our journey.

  1. Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

Save the longer books of prophets on the last part of your reading. This is to make sure that you are already prepared and equipped to receive His messages with deeper meaning and thoughts as the Spirit leads. Besides, the content of these books contain the same Truth with the other book accounts included in the Bible.

  1. Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

These are book of God’s laws and instructions. Read how God gave his instructions, reminders and laws to His people. Within these three books are the glorious testimony of how faith in God can save lives, bring victory over a nation and bring forth joy and life.

 Praying to God

But before anything else, never forget to do the right thing and that is to PRAY. Ask the favor of the Lord and allow you to understand everything you read in His word. Ask the Holy Spirit to intervene in you and instill your mind and spirit with wisdom and knowledge.

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

-Matthew 7:7

Tips on How to Choose the Right Course for College

College Graduation

You might think it’s too early but I guess it is just timely! Next year there will be another batch of graduates in high school. You or your children might be one of them. So better help him/her prepare for his/her college journey. Consider these tips as a help to sweep wide and blur options into a clearer and right one.

Know Your Interest

Know your interests.

Be certain of your interests and likes. Set a clearer picture of the field you want to study and explore more without sacrificing the fun and excitement!

Know Your Interest

It’s not a bad thing do a research.

Have a background on all courses and university colleges to support you in making the right decisions. It is important to know the content of the courses and the kind of culture and facilities being offered in the university that you will choose.

Find out how long it will take you.

There are courses requiring more than 4 years of studying so you better do the background check for course duration before you find yourself on a trap of time and wrong decision.

How much does it cost and what opportunities will it offer you after graduating?

Ask yourself these two questions before taking the final step for decision making. Education is indeed timely band costly but it would be harder if you won’t be able to prepare yourself for the possible expenses. Consider it as a good investment for a brighter and better future ahead of you. Also, know all opportunities that await you after graduating. In this way, you will also be guided to the path of your passion and interests.

Narrow your choices.

Choose at most 5 options for your course and university. Focus your research on them and be critical in weighing and considering things out. It is advisable to visit and read student’s personal point of view experiences such as blogs and notes. At least this will give you a hint of how is it going to be studying in such course and university college.

What career do you like?

Make your passion your profession. Mismatching of course to be taken and your field of interest is a great ‘NO’ in college. Remember, it’s easier to endure everything if you are enjoying and loving the things you are doing.

Before landing up with your final decision, always consult your parents or guardian.

You can always ask about their opinions in this aspect. Ask for their insights and suggestions about the course you are considering and let them help you in clearing up the final way. However, in the end it should still be your decision to make. Only ask for different angles and sides of perspectives and views from other people and let yourself decide for your life in the near future.


You can always change your mind.

If after sometime before you finally graduate in high school, different factors like subjects and influences from teachers or professionals will boggle your mind, do not worry much for it is normal. Change is the only constant thing in the world, and I bet you want to do it beforehand rather than being trapped into a situation. This is also to avoid regrets and blaming oneself and others.

Education is a key to success. Now, it is your time to take part in it and find the right door towards success for you!

Pinoy Ka Kapag . . . (A Trace to Filipino Values)

Pinoy Ako

“uhmm, kapag sweet at masayahin ka.”

“pinoy ka kapag hospitable at mapagbigay.”

“uh, pilipino ka kapag mahirap ka!”

Eh ikaw? Pinoy ka kapag . . .

We asked common Filipinos along the street and institutions of what values indicate the true mark of a Filipino and we ended up with the same variety of answers. Values whch could be classified into four, the often recited in our flag ceremony which is a part of the “Panatang Makabayan”.


tutuparin ko ang aking tungkulin bilang mamamayang MakaDiyos, MakaTao, MakaKalikasan at MakaBansa.”

Thus, do we ever understand at what cost will it take us to become all of these?

MakaDiyos. Filipinos are one of the countries in the world with the most number of catholic Christians. We believe in the supernatural power of God who created the heaven and earth, the one who bring forth life to mankind. Filipinos value the morality of each towards their actions, words and thoughts. We hold and participate in many church activities in occasions such as ‘simbang gabi’, ‘way of the cross’ and ‘semana santa’.  Even in our daily lives, most Filipinos still practice praying before meals, before and after we sleep and in any life decisions we make we always consult his divine guidance. As a sign of thankfulness to God’s promises and faithfulness Filipinos also faithfully commit for the expansion of  his kingdom. Lastly, it is more appropriate to call them ‘faithful believers’ than ‘religious people’ for it is the Lord in which we believe that they serve and not the religion itself.

A young Filipino girl and her brother receive food aid at a centre in Tacloban

Makatao.Madaling maging tao ngunit mahirap magpakatao.” We often hear this line from teleseryes. What does it ake to be called ‘makatao’ then? Simple, by respecting each other’s rights and opinions regardless of the existing differences in between. Filipinos are excellent in portraying a good model of people with values, virtues and integrity. Filipinos are naturally kind, gentle, generous, hospitable, hardworking, obedient and polite which made a great impact to the world. Who would ever miss out their ‘po’ and ‘opo’ as a sign of respect to people older or in a higher position towards them. Filipinos are in fact featured in international news for being united and positive despite the calamities, and crises that occur in our country. One example is the selfie photos of our kababayan after the Yolanda hit cities and towns in Visayas region. It became a trending topic worldwide and surely it did touch the hearts of others making them realize that life is good. With all of these noble ‘makatao’ values, Filipino service in other parts of the world is well embraced and welcomed. All of them testified how responsible, loyal and trustworthy Filipinos are in terms of business and even in friendly relationships. Indeed, Philippines has become a fertile ground for growing noble group of people.

  • Filipinos are also great advocates in protecting our nature. As a matter of fact, there exist different national and local organizations and agencies which aim to preserve mother earth such as the national agency Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI). They conduct clean and green projects such as coastal clean ups, tree planting and proper garbage disposal. Our government too has been supportive with these propaganda preserving our environment where in fact each local government conduct and facilitate their own movement towards saving mother earth. Clean and green movement had reached even the campus grounds creating different clubs and student organizations such as YESO; encouraging students to engage themselves towards the advocacy of protecting and saving our kalikasan.


MakaBansa. ‘Taas noo kahit kanino, ang Pilipino ay ako.’Inspite the arising issues of graft and corruption anomalies in our country, there are more reasons to be proud of it. Filipinos are known for such strong passion for nationalism and loyalty towards the country even before the modern times. Great examples for that are our heroes; who fought for our freedom and rights to live, serve and lead in our own territory, the Philippines. Lapu-lapu, Bonifacio, Rizal and Ninoy Aquino; these are just some of the brave ones who laid their lives to claim our kalayaan. Even up to this date, we are still fighting for our total independence against any control from foreign countries. Filipinos are known worldwide for having such mind for active revolution no matter what cost it may bring as long as our spirit is one in reaching goals for peace, freedom and justice. In ordinary days, nationalism can also be seen and observed through simply abiding and respecting the laws that exist. And the root of it all is our love for our very own country, Inang Bayan, ang Pilipinas. These are just some of the ways of how Filipinos show our patriotic love and compassion for the Philippines in which we will honor and serve for the rest of their lives.


Pinoy ka kapag… it’s your time to answer this hanging statement of what Filipino values should we possess. Better yet, ask yourself this: MakaDiyos, MakaTao, MakaKalikasan at MakaBansa. Eh teka, Pinoy ka nga ba?

Philippine Tourist Attractions: A Tour to the Unknown Wonders

Philippine Tourist Attractions

Are you looking for a perfect getaway trip this season? Do you want to get rid of the stress and suffocating urban smoke in the city? Freshen up, hang out with friends and enjoy your trip as Bayan Mall tours you to the different Philippines tourist attractions you surely shouldn’t miss.

Pearl of the Orient Seas or otherwise known as our dearest ‘Inang Bayan’– Philippines. It’s undeniable that our country has been known world wide even centuries ago for the rich natural resources and wonders it possesses. Of course not to mention the warm and sincere welcome of the Filipinos which creates a good friendship and bond to the tourists.

However many of these tourist destinations are still not yet discovered and explored by many. So brace yourself as we tour you to the great unknown wonders in the Philippines.

Philippine Tourist Attractions
Basco Lighthouse, Batanes Philippines

Batanes Group of Islands. To our first spot; we will first travel to the northernmost part of the country. Within the Batanes group of Islands lie the fascinating sceneries of the different bodies of water and a clip of a clean and green environment. Most people go here for a fun water adventure such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, lighthouse visits and even for a tour in the ancient Ivatan houses built hundreds of years ago. In addition, the well preserved unique culture of Ivatans who were the first settlers of the place can also be observed as you mingle around with them.

Surfing in Siargao

Siargao Island. Now let us move forward to another island in the Philippines. The Siargao Island is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippines Sea found in the province of Surigao del Norte. Siargao has a land area of 437 square kilometers approximately. Surrounding the island are the large mangrove forest reserves which is the largest in Mindanao. Given its location from the Pacific Ocean, Siargao tides are definitely huge and strong which makes it the ‘Surfing Capital of the Philippines’. And if you’re up to lying underneath the tanning heat of the sun, Siargao is also a perfect place to be. Aside from its white sandy beaches, at the heart of the island is a large group of beautiful coral reefs and dozens of tall coconut trees giving a fresh and cool breeze.

Image Source: Rene Sangco Photography
Image Source: Rene Sangco Photography

Biri Island Rock Formation. From an amazing body of water, let us go over to a solid ground. These four small and rocky islands of Biri are situated in the intersection of San Bernardino Strait and Pacific Ocean.

Within the bounds of these islands is a strong natural force keeping its distinct and interesting shapes. This island is also just right if you are wishing to explore the geological nature of the country. In fact, geologists from University of the Philippines cited their findings about the rocks in Biri which already existed way back Early Miocene Period, each rock with a range of 5 to 23 million years old.

Mount Kanlaon

Mount Kanlaon .Our next stop is perfectly fit for our mountain climbers and adventurers. The Mount Kanlaon is the highest peak in Central Visayas bisecting the island of Negros. To add up to the thrill, this volcano is active until now which adds to the thrill part of your adventure. You can also activate your artistic side as you visit its art galleries and museum. It also offers a long zipline trip and river trail adventure.


Panglao Island. Another white sand beach and resorts found in Bohol province within the municipalities of Dauis and Panglao. For a couple of years until the present time Panglao Island has always been included to the Philippine Top Beach attractions which were once featured on an episode in CNN. Indeed, this is a soothing alternative to the much more famous Boracay.

Caramoan Islands

Caramoan Islands. To complete the list is the group of islands in the province of Camarines Sur. the Caramoan Islands is a perfect spot just right for a serene and romantic atmosphere with its location away from the noisy and full-packed urban zone. You can go here as a couple or with friends and family to experience another level of fun and nerve wrecking adventure trip of snorkeling, hiking, diving and island hopping.

This is only a glimpse to these wonderful and stunning Philippines tourist attractions yet there’s still more. Now it’s your time to take part and walk unto the unknown wonders of the Philippine tourist attractions. Give yourself a break and have the best time of your life!

10 Ways and Tips to Get Your US Visa

US Visa

Wanting to go to USA so bad? Then what’s hindering you from doing so? Getting your US Visa? Well, sit back and relax as you read this article of 1O Ways and Tips to Get to Get your US Visa. Prepare yourself for the flight trip because this time getting a visa will just be a piece of a cake.

1. Make sure that your host in US submits and comply all the required documents by the embassy. It would be better if papers will be given printed to avoid problems regarding legibility.

2. There are no quotas in issuing US Visa. If the applicant qualifies in all the given requirements and standards, his or her visa will be processed immediately.

3. Do sincere efforts and give the officer no reason to disapprove your application. Always be polite and show respect to the different personnel you engage with.

4. Know the requirements to be passed and understand the process well. It pays to be accurate. Remember there are lots of people applying for an approval and you are just one of the thousands. Once you got it wrong, yours might be held pending and you will wait again until everything is settled in your part.

5. Visa application should use the same passport to purchase their pay fee to be used in their view. This is to avoid unnecessary confusions.

6. Don’t be intimidated with your dialect or language. Applicant’s language has no effect on his or her visa application. In the end, customer service is intended for everyone regardless of language, race and culture.

7. During the interview, if there’s a confusion or question boggling your mind it is advisable to speak up. in this way the Consulate staff can take some time explaining it to you to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication.

8. Answer the questions in your application form honestly and accurately.

9. Use your current address and no your permanent address in filling up the Visa application form.

Passport EXPIRED

10. Remember the expiry of your stay, which is indicated in the I 94 form slip attached on your passport and no the date stamped on your visa.

We hope these tips will help you get the approval you’ve been waiting for. Lastly, apart from all these ,just be yourself and enjoy the process. Let us know when you get there. Good luck!